KINC is a Communications Agency with a digital mindset that excels at unlocking new audiences.

We operate across cultural sectors including sports and entertainment, music and lifestyle, celebrity and tech. KINC works with some of the world’s most successful consumer brands to identify and authentically engage with target audiences.

We understand that inspiring new and infrequent consumers whilst not alienating those who are loyal, is the key to incremental sales and brand growth.

KINC operates with a mix of insights, experience, research and distinctive creative to produce measurable results. 

We challenge ourselves to produce distinctive-integrating-thinking. Ideas explained in a few words and substantiated in detail.

  • Distinctive

  • Integrated

  • Thinking


We amplify strategy and creative through an integrated communications process and our full-service offering.

Audiences consume media through multiple channels and different formats. KINC operates an integrated approach with clear story-telling and messaging across media channels where identified audiences congregate, employing a mix of content, social media, ambassadors, sponsorships, influencers, PR and tactical advertising.