Jaw dropping rail skills? Checked. Serial trick stompers? Got it. Rad style? Without a doubt. Plan to dominate the world? You can bet your ass on it. We are talking about the Helgason Brothers, Eiki and Halldor, snowboard’s hottest new property.  Fresh from bagging a couple of Transworld awards, an X Games victory and the wrapping of another episode of their extremely hilarious blog,, the Brothers have now sealed a sweet deal with Skullcandy and are now part of its global assault team. “I have been down with Skullcandy from day one, long before I was sponsored by them”, says Eiki. “Erik and Jason are super cool dudes and I’m really looking forward to working with them and the rest of the Skullcandy team.” The Erik in question being Erik Abrahamsson, Skullcandy Europe’s Marketing Director, who shares the love as well: “I’ve been watching the Helgasons the last two years, seeing them evolving into the dynamic duo that they now have become. They are a perfect fit in the Skullcandy program and we are aching to see the awesomeness coming out of this partnership.  Welcome onboard my brothers!” The deal supports both the Brothers and their fast-growing blog, the As Halldor puts it, “Skullcandy is the shit! Everybody working there is super cool and the have the sweetest headphones out there. We’re also super stoked Skullcandy decided to support With their help we will be soon bigger than Facebook”. You’ve been warned.

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