Last Thursday, 31st May, Skullcandy held its official European launch event in Paris to celebrate its new proprietary balance of bass, vocals, and highs: the Supreme Sound experience.

Supreme Sound outlines Skullcandy’s commitment to true premium audio as audio engineers and product development team continue to evolve the brand towards performance-orientated products and designs.


“Bass, vocals and highs are the three audio components that encompass the entire audio spectrum and are the foundation of the one-of-a-kind Supreme Sound experience we’ve created exclusively for Skullcandy,” said Dr. Testuro Oishi, Director of Electrical and Acoustical Engineering at Skullcandy who attended the event. “With a new range of products featuring Supreme Sound, it is our goal to raise the industry standard for acoustical engineering and do so without sacrificing style or product price point.”


Welcoming a great Parisian and international crowd, the event featured artworks and installations highlighting the Supreme Sound attributes and the new and improved product portfolio, as well as quality handmade artwork, printed by TTDMRT studios (


The evening switched into party mode with live performances from 2&4, the DJs and producers of De La Soul’s latest venture, First Serve, followed by up and coming local talents Mim and Entek who rocked it with a proper mix of dubstep, electro and hip hop.


In connection with the launch of Supreme Sound, Skullcandy has upgraded its website to match the new branding and to provide additional content regarding the Supreme Sound Experience and its brand icons from world-renowned athletes to supermodels:


“We’re proud to officially launch Supreme Sound in Europe, building on an exciting global re-launch. This event is the first step in a series of actions that perfectly blend lifestyle and audio. We’re committed to delivering true, premium sound to our consumers, as well as cultural experiences” said Thierry Peuchot, Marketing Director at Skullcandy GMBH.


Event video:

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