Henrik Kills it at X Games Aspen

Massive congratulations to Henrik Harlaut who won Gold in the Ski Big Air competition at last weekend’s Aspen X Games and topped off his weekend with a Silver in the Slopestyle.

 In the Big Air finals Henrik took a different approach to most, throwing down the most stylish nose butter double corks while most were going for more bigger spins and triple corks. Starting with a nose butter double 10, and stepping it up to a dub 12, Henrik had already earned himself enough points to win the event, when he came into his final run and with a bit of encouragement from his friends he stepped it up and combined incredible style and amazing technicality to wow the judges by stomping the first ever nose butter triple cork 1620, scoring a perfect score of 50 and leaving the crowd going mental.
Then on Sunday, Henrik was sitting in 6th coming into the final run of the Slopestyle when he stepped it up and put down a super stylish run with some great technical tricks including a nosebutter 270 on 450 off in the rail section and his nose butter dub 12 on the money booter at the end to get a score of 92.66 to gain his thoroughly deserved first ever X Games Slopestyle podium
See the video here y_V79B8KAfc

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