This just in from Skullcandy: In April, they’re officially making the new Navigator headphones available from all your favourite retailers. The Navigators are a smaller take on last year’s well-received Roc Nation (Jay Z’s label) Aviators and a truly perfect balance of performance and style.

These days we use headphones so ubiquitously that they can be as much of a style statement as the trainer brand you are loyal to – and the Navigators are here to earn your headspace. The highly researched ergonomic design means that, put simply, they are designed to be put on, and to stay on. You don’t even have to take them off to take a phone call, as the Navigators have that all-important built in Mic3 technology, allowing you to change volume, talk to your friends and pause tracks at the touch of a button.

The future is here. And it sounds pretty damn good.

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