Skullcandy Partner with Robbie Maddison on Record Breaking Jump

Freestyle Motocross pioneer Robbie “Maddo” Maddison is best known for his record-breaking jumps at iconic locations across the globe. Today, Skullcandy welcomes fans to “Drop In” on Maddo’s latest stunt as he sets a mind-blowing new record for vertical drop on a motorcycle by launching himself off Utah Olympic Park’s Nordic Ski jump.

Robbie Maddison World Record Jump
Robbie Maddison breaking the world record for the largest vertical drop on a motorcycle

The epic footage provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of the soon-to-be released full-length documentary film “On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter”.  The footage captures Robbie also breaking the Olympic bobsled record, going up the track, while working his way up the mountain to his epic jump.

Maddo’s previous endeavors include back flipping the Tower Bridge in London, jumping onto then off the Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas and launching across the Corinth Canal in Greece. When he’s not leaping over everything from football fields to the San Diego Harbor, Robbie stays busy winning X Games medals and X-Fighters moto trophies.

As a key member of the Skullcandy family since 2011, Robbie exemplifies the pioneering, no-holds-barred attitude that is central to the Skullcandy philosophy. On Robbie’s first day in Skullcandy’s Park City headquarters, he looked out of the conference room window and saw the K120 Nordic Ski jump across the street at the Utah Olympic Park, stating he would jump it one day.  Now, two years later, Skullcandy bring that dream to life and is sharing it with fans around the world by way of their “Drop In” project.

Maddison rides up Park City Olympic Park's bobsled track on his way to the jump
Maddison rides up Park City Olympic Park’s bobsled track towards the jump

Robbie’s project is a key element of Skullcandy’s Drop In campaign featuring Crusher headphones. The “Crusher” features proprietary speaker drivers that deliver a powerful and realistic sensory bass experience that transforms everyday audio into bass you can feel. Using the Crusher, Skullcandy is welcoming users to fully immerse themselves into the most incredible audio experience ever. The new Skullcandy “Drop In” project brings this completely immersive experience to life – whether you’re watching a movie on your tablet, playing a video game or listening to a playlist to get amped for a death-defying jump – you’re not just seeing and hearing it, you’re feeling it.

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