KINC and Skullcandy bring the Rose Bonbon back to life with Skip the Use

Skullcandy launches the second in the music series and revives iconic French venue Rose Bonbon with Skip The Use.

Skullcandy has launched the second in the series of #STAYLOUD films. In the French leg, the once alive punk rock venue Rose Bonbon was bought back to life for one more night with a unique show headlined by French punk rock act, Skip the Use.

The #STAYLOUD series takes once iconic and legendary European music venues which now serve another purpose, and brings them back to life for one more night.

The Rose Bonbon, Paris, opened its doors in 1978 and played host to hundreds of bands until its closure in 1984. Thought of as a foundation of the French punk rock scene. The list of notorious acts that have played at Le Rose Bonbon include: Taxi Girl, Indochine, Trust and The Police.

Skullcandy’s European #STAYLOUD series celebrates the memory of once great music venues in London, Paris and Berlin, taking over the existing spaces to hold one night events with bands from each of the countries, recapturing the magic and energy of these once vibrant venues.

Thierry Peuchot, European marketing Director at Skullcandy commented: “As an audio brand, we want to honour music and its amazing heritage. We wanted to bring back historic music venues in London, Paris and Berlin that have created that heritage for one more night of music. We’ve taken some of Europe’s best modern music artists to work on this project with us so we’re really excited to see this project unfold.”

The next #STAYLOUD event and film will see a Berlin venue transformed.

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