KINC launches Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 with spectacular challenge

Dunlop worked with KINC to bring together the worlds of motor racing and downhill longboarding to challenge the performance and precision of its new Sport Maxx RT2 tyre.

Racing driver Jason Plato and British Champion longboarder, Pete Connolly created a dramatic time trial on a 2237-foot-high mountain road in Majorca by racing together in tandem, just three meters apart, to create a slipstream at speeds of over 60 miles per hour.

Plato raced a 381 bhp hot hatch fitted with the tyres through the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range whilst working in unison with Connolly, following within touching distance to use the car’s slip stream to beat his existing time.

Ranked ninth in the downhill longboard world rankings, Connolly set a time on the three kilometre stretch of the road without the car of 8 minutes 10.92 seconds before beating it by over 11 seconds when using the car in front to create a slipstream.

Plato commented: “The route throws up many challenges for a driver, hairpin bends, steep drops and falling rocks. The issue with creating a slipstream is that by reducing the wind resistance, Pete was constantly catching me. As his speed quickly increased, I had a few split seconds to accelerate to avoid Pete hitting the back of the car. In this situation grip precision was crucial to the success of the time trial. We had to descend 900 feet on a mountain road where nothing could be left to chance.”

Featuring exceptional grip whilst providing superior steering precision, the Sport Maxx RT2 offers enhanced cornering control and a dynamic driving experience, perfect for taking on the most difficult roads.

Tony Ward, Dunlop Marketing Manager commented: “We wanted to really demonstrate the capabilities of our latest tyre on such a challenging route with world class competitors such as Jason and Pete. We sought to produce a tyre for the consumer seeking the ultimate driving experience and the Sport Maxx RT2 delivers an unparalleled level of grip and turn-in precision whilst providing confidence and maximum performance.”

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