KINC has worked with Dunlop on a continuation of its Mindset campaign, testing how extreme athletes perform under pressure.

The study showed that athletes’ memories perform 20% better than average under intense psychological pressure. The study was conjunction with University College London revealed that the athletes’ superior memory allowed them to stay in control even during tests which artificially invoked stress and anxiety within the brain.

The series of tests devised by Professor Vincent Walsh (University College London’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience), showed that elite athletes were largely unphased when put under stressful situations, and performed significantly better when compared with non-athletes.

The study also showed that athletes’ brains were 10% quicker than non-athletes and actually improved their memory accuracy by 20% more than the non-athletes in a response to challenging and intense emotions.

The tests were conducted to test the hypothesis that the mindset of elite athletes are able to handle intense situations and emotions better than non-athletes and stay in control in high risk situations.

The athletes tested included multiple Isle of Man TT winner John McGuinness, big wave surfer Andrew Cotton, two-time British Touring Car Champion Colin Turkington, British Champion downhill skater Peter Connolly, experienced climber Louis Parkinson and Le Mans racing driver Oliver Webb.

People can challenge their own mental performance through one of the cognitive tests developed by Dunlop and UCL here:

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