New Era and Rinse France have partnered for a new film, to unearth and meet the New Wave of French Music. The film highlights New Era’s mission to uncover the ‘next big things in music’ and their surrounding cultures.

Directed by Romain Cieutat (VV Brown, Azealia Banks), the film is shaped by cultural makers at the fore of the French scene and takes us on a journey – from the vibrant music and street culture of yesterday, to what it means today.

Throughout the film we are introduced to three young stars on the rise – Youv Dee, an artist whose style is a blend of US trap influences, internet culture and Parisian multiculturalism and 19-year-old rapper, Lean Chihiro who made a name for herself back in 2017 with a series of singles and DIY music videos influenced by her love for Japan.

“I’ve always loved Japanese culture. It has always been a great source of inspiration for my music and my style.”

We delve into her thoughts as an artist in Paris and where this new wave of French rap has emerged from – “It came from the youth…the youth isn’t afraid to be judged and to stand for their community.”

“I’m a child of the diaspora. You can feel it in my music.”

If Youv Dee and Lean Chihiro are examples of French rap diversifying, Bamao Yendé is an example of French music at large diversifying. The DJ and tastemaker is highly regarded as a pioneer when it comes to artistic fusion.  “I share two different cultures. I grew up in France, but my parents are from Africa. I was raised listening to African music. It’s part of my identity. You can feel it in my music.”

In the film, we meet the well-respected hip-hop dancer and legendary party host Nadim Makhlouf, as he explains how “style” and brands like New Era play a significant part in Parisian music culture.

A Parisian scene that once thrived on gritty realism and pensive freestyles is now discovering a new vitality and imagination. Their music is full of life, capturing an ever-changing city in vivid snapshots of rap magic. In the words of Youv Dee: “Life, here and all over Europe, is about to change.”


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