Jägermeister UK are dropping a bomb – a Jäger Bath Bomb! The handcrafted bath time treat will turn your bathwater vibrant green, and is infused with distinctive Jägermeister aromatics including aniseed, sweet orange and cinnamon.

Tim Hawley, Innovation Controller at Jägermeister UK explained, “I recently attended a webinar on the importance of immersing yourself in the brand. That evening as I bombed into my extra-deep custom tub, the idea came to me”.

Super-fan Pete was the first to try the Jäger Bath Bomb, when he ran a bath at 2am whilst listening to soothing techno, and said, “It ticks all my boxes – there was a little splash when I dropped it in, a gentle waft of Jägermeister hitting my nose and a warming feeling of contentment”.

Limited edition Jäger Bath Bomb gift sets are available from the Jägermeister UK eshop now, enabling you to luxuriate in Jägermeister internally, and externally. Each pack costs £9.99 and contains: 2x Jäger Bath Bombs, 2x Jägermeister bandanas, 2x 2cl bottles of Jägermeister.

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