War Paint, the revolutionary men’s makeup brand, has today announced a partnership deal with Norwich City FC for the 2020 / 21 season.

The partnership grew from a shared commitment to progress in men’s mental health and, together, both brands aim to challenge stereotypes, start conversations and break down the boundaries that can confine men. 

Throughout the year, sports fans can expect content, events and initiatives that aim to challenge, support and inspire positive conversations around men’s mental health and wellbeing on the pitch, in the stands, and in the wider community. 

Speaking about the partnership, War Paint’s Founder Danny Gray said, “I’m proud to be working with a club like Norwich City FC who aren’t afraid to take a stand and put men’s mental health in the spotlight. I’m so excited to see what we can achieve together and how we can make positive change”. 

“I was inspired to create War Paint due to my own mental health struggles so it has never been solely about makeup for me, it’s about giving men confidence and more choices in their personal care – both mental and physical. My priority isn’t to get the players wearing make-up, I want to stimulate positive conversations about men’s mental health”. 

Ben Kensell, Chief Operating Officer at Norwich City said, “We’re delighted to welcome War Paint to the Norwich City family. Daniel and his team are clearly very passionate about their products and what they stand for. They also have a very clear commitment to important messaging around mental health and wellbeing, are keen to encourage positive discussions and challenge stereotypes. We’re very much looking forward to a successful partnership and joining them on that journey.”

Norwich City Legend Darren Eadie, who himself has suffered from mental health issues in the past, added: “I’ve been a big advocate for men’s wellbeing within football, sport and general life. Football is a very masculine environment but in any walk of life you need to have confidence and football is a big advocate for that.” 

“When you go for a job interview or go to work you need to be your most confident as that’s when you’re most productive. Whatever you do, whether it’s putting on makeup, wearing different clothes or dyeing your hair – you’re doing all the things you can to be at your most confident level. This football club is very inclusive and this partnership is getting a message out to a very masculine environment.”

The sponsorship sees War Paint’s brand featured on the back of the main kit shorts, on the away kit, as the main logo on all their training kits and on advertising boards around the Carrow Road pitch. 

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