Klättermusen, maker of the world’s most refined mountaineering equipment, is proud to launch its FW20 collection, introducing new innovations to complement its unique, purposeful details and designs that are made to last. 

The FW20 collection is a combination of technological advancements and new fabric upgrades for Klättermusen’s tried and tested mountaineering heroes, alongside groundbreaking new equipment that harnesses the craftsmanship, experience and durability learned from the mountain, to complement a breadth of new activities. 

Fjorgyn lightweight anorak has a classic Klättermusen look and feel, packed with considered design details that combine aesthetic and function, and constructed with unique Klättermusen tech that guarantees performance whilst being considerate to the planet. Retailing at £300.

Ansur windproof jacket is made from 100% organic Katla Cotton®, this jacket is breathable while it’s also windproof and water resistant, thanks to the unique cotton material. Rip-stop makes the fabric strong and suitable for rough trekking. The Ansur Jacket features many technical details without compromising the comfort. Retailing at £140.

Bore 2.0 mountain expedition down jacket provides superior thermal performance in a lightweight design. Made with Levitend®, a fiber creating extraordinarily strong and versatile fabrics, and with the Bluesign® seal of approval – the Bore 2.0 delivers on quality, safety and environmental credentials. Retailing at £325.

On the new collection, CEO and Nordic Mountaineer Gonz Ferrero says, “Our new collection for 2020 is infused by new fabric innovations and the ski mountaineering mindset. To increase the breadth of mountaineering activities we have challenged ourselves to make groundbreaking new equipment that finds its natural complement in our core reinvented icons. With the skiing backcountry in perspective we have created new equipment designed for speed and agility. This of course without compromising on safety and whilst minimising our and your impact on nature.”

On the new collection, Head Designer Isabelle Liahaugen says,”The FW20 collection ensures Klättermusen stands up to the challenge of making the toughest gear in a sustainable way. It builds on our consistent product history and widens our range. We use fabrics chosen for agile, vertical movement and to maximise waterproof protection, warmth, and comfort. This collection offers tough, packable, warming protection for reaching the summit of any expedition, as well as suiting the needs and adapting to everyday urban life.”

Klättermusen is also introducing two new indexes across all products, HCR (Heat Conductivity Resistance) for thermal performance and MFR (Mass Flow Resistance) for breathability, making it easier than ever to identify the right equipment for your needs. 

Plus, innovative new fabrics like Katla Cotton®, 100% organic cotton with synthetic-like characteristics, means this collection continues to raise the bar on performance, whilst simultaneously expanding usage of recycled and bio-based materials. 

The FW20 range includes: anoraks, jackets, pants, base layers, mid layers, backpacks and accessories. 

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