Timberland’s ‘My Community, Our Nature’ campaign is live across Europe!

Together with a number of authentic creatives across the UK, France, Germany and Italy, we helped Timberland create a campaign centred around helping people discover nature and engage with their community. In the UK, this was championed by award-winning musician Joy Crookes, who headed a community project at InSpire youth club at St Peter’s Church in her home borough of Elephant & Castle.

InSpire provides local young people with a safe space to socialise and build confidence, hosting weekly drama and music workshops to boost creativity and nurture a sense of identity and community. Joy Crookes and Timberland were keen to support this wonderful space, to help bring the local area closer together. 

Throughout the campaign, Joy’s aim has been to revitalise InSpire’s existing green space to host outdoor workshops, focusing on pathways to employment, creativity and nature, to leave a lasting legacy for years to come. With Timberland’s support, this will now become a reality. 

Adding to the My Community, Our Nature campaign are presenter Aisha Vibes (Germany), writer Antonio Dikele Distefano (Italy) and dancer Jeny Bsg (France). Each of these cultural leaders presented their own society-conscious project and, after a public vote, Antonio won the largest prize for his project aiming to transform a local sports centre into a neighbourhood community space. Of course, Timberland has pledged to support all projects across Europe, so stay tuned to see what’s in store for next year!

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