New Era: Discover Unexpected Stories from West-Africa

We developed a new strategic approach to increase New Era’s engagement with cultural audiences across the EMEA region in 2023. To achieve this, we launched a new docuseries exploring underground music and youth culture scenes all over the world.

We felt it was important to switch things up deliberately focusing on an off-the-beaten track approach. New Era will continue to surprise their audience with unexpected stories from progressive creative music communities across EMEA. Each piece will include a giving back angle, where we leave a meaningful legacy for the community.

Our first stop in Accra, Ghana was a huge success. Through partnering with Surf Ghana, Freedom Skatepark and our lead music act, All My Cousins, we were able to experience as well as better understand the creative scene in this part of the world. We ended this project through a massive party with over 800 people in attendance.

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