New Era: Exploring Off the Beaten Track Music Cultures Across EMEA

2023 was a memorable year for New Era’s Music Programme. We embarked on an unforgettable journey uncovering the hidden gems across EMEA’s progressive and alternative music scene. Accra, Ghana; Reykjavik, Iceland and Athens, Greece became the backdrop for three content pieces delving deeply into each location immersing viewers in the vibrancy of each culture. Audiences were captured by these unique stories with the content earning:

5 Million + Impressions.
7 Million + Views.
3 Million + Reach.
19.25%. Engagement Rate.

Accra launched our docu-series featuring Sandy Alibo, founder of Surf Ghana, Vibrate Space, and Freedom Skatepark. Surf Ghana has become a hub for diverse creatives, with the skatepark serving as a platform for varied artistic expressions. Freedom Skatepark is an inclusive urban sports space connecting marginalised populations and, backed by New Era, Alibo aims to empower even more of Ghana’s community. The documentary also showcases the collaboration between Surf Ghana and All My Cousins, a multidisciplinary collective of artists, photographers, and DJs.

The series then turned its lens onto Reykjavik and Prikið, the epicenter of Iceland’s burgeoning rap scene. Geoffrey Þór Huntingdon-Williams, manager of Prikið and founder of Sticky Records, discusses Iceland’s unique and enchanting atmosphere, linking the enduring popularity of rap music to the country’s rich history of wordplay. The documentary introduces Countess Malaise, who challenges the male-dominated Icelandic rap scene with her dynamic performances, Indian-born artist Elvar who gained acclaim for his trap-inspired music and Ultvarp 101, a dedicated rap and electronic radio station founded by Joey Christ that amplifies emerging talents. Joey Christ highlights Ultvarp 101’s mission to provide a platform for unheard music, filling a gap in mainstream radio. New Era’s recent support, including a sold-out show at Prikið in May, underscores their commitment to the cultural scene’s growth.

In the final episode, Athens takes the spotlight with its lively underground scene and the challenges it continues to face. The documentary highlights Fade Radio, Athens’ primary underground radio station situated at Romantso, a cultural hub founded during the post-debt crisis reconstruction. Spearheaded by Dennis Green, Fade Radio has become a vital platform for emerging artists. While portraying Athens as a haven for creativity, the film also addresses the struggles arising from limited funding and insufficient state support. Despite financial constraints, artists like DAZEDBOI, Saber Rider and DJ Problems express hope for the city’s future, emphasising its multicultural energy as a source of strength. New Era’s involvement includes hosting a sell-out party at Romantso’s La Traac and supporting Fade Radio, showcasing a dedication to nurturing Athens’ creative community.

All of our work across these locations culminated in a donation to provide further support to each artist and the not-for-profit organisations that stood as pillars of support for these scenes.

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