Charles Tyrwhitt International Men’s Day: Under The Surface

At KINC Agency, we believe in the power of impactful collaborations that go beyond the surface. To celebrate International Men’s Day, we’ve proudly joined forces with Charles Tyrwhitt, as the official formalwear partner to England Rugby and leading rugby mental health charity, LooseHeadz, to shed light on mental health awareness.

Our goal was to initiate candid conversations, transcending the world of rugby, to address the importance of mental well-being and contribute to destigmatising discussions around mental health. We teamed up with rugby players Lennox Anyanwu, Cadan Murley and Louis Lynagh, through a series of engaging content pieces, including interviews, videos and social media activations. Under the theme “Under The Surface,” we delved into their personal stories, going beyond the jersey to uncover the challenges they’ve faced and the strength it takes to navigate through them.

The campaign aimed to unite audiences in breaking barriers and fostering a culture that encourages conversations about mental health. The success of this campaign reinforces our belief in the power of storytelling to drive positive change and our commitment to creating campaigns that transcend the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on both brands and society.

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