The North Face: An Innovative Repair Service, Bespoke Customisation and Authentic Storytelling

In a bid to elevate the retail experience, The North Face unveiled its revamped flagship store on Regent Street, enlisting KINC to spearhead two pivotal initiatives: the establishment of The North Face Repair Service and the introduction of customisation in the new Sustainability Corner.

The repair service fills a crucial gap, offering customers the opportunity to breathe new life into their out-of-warranty garments. Through this paid service, patrons can address various types of damage directly with the supplier, ensuring longevity for their beloved outdoor apparel. KINC also embarked on a journey to Glasgow (the home of the warranty and repair provided ACS) to capture compelling content featuring The North Face athlete, Ben Ankobiah.



In the Sustainability Corner we allowed customers to imbue their gear with individual flair. From bespoke heat patch designs to attachable pins, consumers could now tailor their items to reflect their unique style, whether in-store or from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, the introduction of bespoke custom gift boxes offered a curated selection of North Face items, providing an elevated shopping experience and the perfect gift-giving solution.


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