KINC’s experience in Unlocking New Audiences has led to the collection of numerous insights. Our latest thought leadership pieces are available here for download.


The Community Age of Marketing. It’s time for brands to connect.

Community, a concept that is especially meaningful to Gen Z, has gained unique importance for marketers in recent years. We are now reaching a point in which community will be increasingly used by brands as a way to connect with their audiences, a ‘Community Age’. This concept has quickly built momentum, and especially since the pandemic and its impact on social life, community has been cemented as something that will connect people and brands more and more.

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The Marketing Conundrum for Lifestyle Brands During Times of Crisis

In the marketing world, the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t the first global disaster or financial meltdown in recent times where we’ve had to confront the question; “Should I pull my marketing budgets, sit this one out and save money or should I remain active, present and continue to spend?”

In this white paper KINC explores the current marketing conundrum of spend vs. save, and explores best practice for lifestyle brands during these turbulent times.

What audiences did Vans unlock by sponsoring Warped Tour?

As the Vans Warped Tour comes to an end in 2018, we take a look back at how this sponsorship paved the way for current music festival brand partnerships.

KINC examines what audiences Vans unlocked over a 23-year period of sponsoring Warped Tour to grow into the iconic global lifestyle brand it is today.

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Unlocking Gen Z: The Wild & Wise Claims

In recent years, the marketing press and many client meetings have been largely occupied with articles and discussion about Millennials. However as we move further and further away from the year 2000, a newer, younger consumer is fast approaching – Generation Z.

This white paper analyses some of the early claims about Gen Z against some common sense and KINC’s own research with UK respondents aged 15-21, and decides if the claim is ‘wild’ or ‘wise’.

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Top tips for unlocking new audiences

An old adage suggests it’s cheaper to maintain loyalty from an existing consumer than it is to search for new ones. This no longer applies today; there is recent evidence suggesting that consumer brands lose a large proportion of their customers each year.

For brands seeking growth, customer acquisition through new audiences is an essential piece of brand planning. On a global basis, new geographical markets are a possible rst step. On a local level, new audience opportunities can come in many forms such as age, gender, distribution channels and many others.

Here are some key aspects that should be considered when identifying the right new audience strategy.

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