USC Fashion: The USC Fits Campaign

Video content is without question one of the most influential and growing mediums in the digital space right now. Short-form video content, in particular, caters perfectly to modern audiences. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts have become popular for their easily “snackable” content. These formats are highly effective at grabbing viewers’ attention and quickly conveying a message.
73% of consumers prefer short-form videos to search for products or services.
We started working with USC Fashion over 2 years ago to develop their social media output, and a large part of this is creating high-quality short-form content for their channels, ensuring it aligns with their ongoing campaigns throughout the year. “USC Fits” was born out of this need. We have now collaborated on three remarkable USC Fits campaigns (and are currently working on our fourth), each designed to seamlessly integrate with USC’s primary marketing efforts. Through the USC Fits campaigns, we have managed to utilize one day of studio shooting to create a wide variety of content, including dynamic short-form videos, visually stunning editorial carousels, and other creative formats for their social feeds. These efforts have been dedicated to promoting USC Fashion’s essential brands, ensuring that every piece of content not only aligns with their main campaigns but also enhances their overall brand narrative. Since starting, the USC Fits campaign has overall achieved:
50 Content Pieces
6.5M Reach
Fit guide imageFit guide image
Our recent Fits campaign was aimed to sit alongside USC’s Summer and Festival focused campaign.


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Charles Tyrwhitt: Regent Street Store Opening

KINC lead the opening of the new Charles Tyrhwitt store on Regent Street, running a wide-reaching press plan that included interviews with both the CEO and Founders of the company across a range of titles in the business news, national and lifestyle spaces, and hosting an event at the new store to showcase the brand’s latest collections.

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New Era: Exploring Off the Beaten Track Music Cultures Across EMEA

2023 was a memorable year for New Era’s Music Programme. We embarked on an unforgettable journey uncovering the hidden gems across EMEA’s progressive and alternative music scene. Accra, Ghana; Reykjavik, Iceland and Athens, Greece became the backdrop for three content pieces delving deeply into each location immersing viewers in the vibrancy of each culture. Audiences were captured by these unique stories with the content earning:

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