Unlocking a youth audience outside of the sport, targeting 16-24 year olds

180,000 more
Facebook fans
6 million
online views
180 pieces
of coverage
#2 iTunes
video charts
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One hashtag – England Rugby’s #carrythemhome, was transformed into an integrated social media campaign.


Build engagement with a youth audience outside of the sport, targeting 16 – 24 year olds.


The agency was required to design an integrated social media campaign based on England Rugby’s #carrythemhome hashtag.


One hashtag – England Rugby’s #carrythemhome, was transformed into an integrated social media campaign that spawned a top trending subject across Facebook. The campaign reached a massive audience including 1.1 billion OTS on Twitter, 3.69m OTS on Instagram, over 6m online film views (reaching number 2 on iTunes video charts) and an app based consumer competition generating 120,000 views, likes and shares.

#carrythemhome became prominent with television coverage, covers of magazines and 180 pieces of coverage in total.



KINC created a campaign for England Rugby to lead a nationwide search to crowd source voices for a new recording of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

The hashtag became the entry mechanic for people submitting entries to become a part of the new single, which was the Official England Rugby single of 2015.

KINC created a partnership with Facebook to create a digital hub that enabled fans to upload their renditions of the chorus of the song through Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag.

We facilitated a record label partnership with Virgin EMI to release the track and provide Brit Award winning artist, Ella Eyre to help lead the campaign. 

The campaign peaked with as much consumer use of #carrythemhome on opening night of the RWC than in the whole of the eight week long Six Nations tournament combined.

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