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"Only Jägermeister would get away with throwing a secret rave in a pop-up supermarket! Utterly Brilliant!"



Communities include Music/Streetwear/Exclusivity/Retail


Our brief was to re enforce the Jägermeister ice-cold messageand promote the interactive on-pack promotion which encouraged consumers to keep Jägermeister in the freezer to reveal a secret code. 

Our original idea was to have Iceland stock Jägermeister in their freezer section and to launch this, hold a rave in one of their stores. When Iceland said no, we decided to do it ourselves and create our own supermarket.


We started by teasing our audience with a viral campaign starring the award-winning actor, rapper and comedian Michael Dapaah, AKA Big Shaq. Dapaah featured as the store manager in the spoof advert and then took to Instagram to announce the launch of The ICECOLD Supermarket a few days prior to the store opening. At this point we only revealed subtle clues that Jägermeister was behind this.


When the store was built and opened, Jägermeister was revealed as the initiator. The ICECOLD Supermarket was an immersive experience that gave customers the chance to enjoy all things Jägermeister. Inside, Jägermeister freezers covered the walls, packed with Limited-Edition ICECOLD Supermarket Original bottles – frosty and ready to buy at the perfect serving temperature of -18 degrees. Further surprises were revealed when consumers descend the stairs into the venue’s ‘Freezer Room’, where a Jägermeister Bar was serving Ice Cold shots.

Customers could also purchase a range of limited-edition ICECOLD Supermarket merchandise and one of 200 numbered ICS labeled bottles of Jägermeister.

When night fell the freezer doors opened revealing a secret basement rave featuring sets from DJ’s Majestic, Martin 2 Smooth, Andy Purnell and Molly Collins.

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